COVID-19 Protection - with ACRYLIC SHEETS
With the global epidemic continuing to spread worldwide, Lei Mei’s cast acrylic sheet can help enhance the
safety and protection of workers, customers, and prevent the spread of infectious disease.
Our brand, PT GLAS acrylic sheet, has high optical clarity and is durable, easy to clean, and has a fire proof
grade of UL94. It can easily be cut, bent and assembled to fit your specific designs and applications.
Acrylic shield
Temporary divider
Sneeze & cough guard
Medical containment
Isolation cubicle
Temporary outdoor signage
The above applications can be used in supermarkets and restaurants, banks and public offices, commercial
offices, public transportation, pharmacies and hospitals, etc. Full range of thicknesses, sizes, and colours
are available for your selection.
Reach out to our Lei Mei Sales Team ( today and our team will help you to find the best
solution for your ongoing COVID-19 protection needs.
Strong rigidity and durability
High optical clarity
100% MMA
100% quality checked
UL® Certified